Today was a good day: Prompt 50 something or other

I’m going to write this but I swear my brain doesn’t care about some of these and that may be why I suck at being a good submissive.  I don’t feel more connected to my submission at this point.  Some of these have made me look inward and cope with some things.  Others feel like meh.  So here we go: What sort of society would be ideal to allow a submissive to express themselves fully? What aspects of our current culture get in the way of this? What is there in your life now which gets in the way?  I’m gonna go ahead and create a jump because I have thoughts and it’s gonna take a minute.  I may do the prompt for Friday too but maybe not shit I’m tired.

Not gonna do this in order cause that’s not how may brain is working.  Just gonna identify the question and spew.

Question 3: Umm grown up responsibilities.  I’m a caretaker and have been for almost two decades.  Making sure my parent is okay is a full time situation.  My job while expansive in some ways is also very conservative in terms of what it expects professionals to engage in even during their private time.  My race because I am not trying to deal with the hypersexual urges of people that also think I couldn’t possibly really submit because Black women are so strong and honestly while we allow people freedom to discuss their sexuality, we don’t view kink or BDSM as part of the LGBTQ umbrella so there’s no protection for us on any level if we are out.

Question 2: Women are not meant to have any actual impulses apparently.  We are rushing abortion, voting, working, self direction all out of the window.  This may be why I haven’t bothered to watch The Handmaid’s Tale because I thought it was happening slowly in real time.  Additionally, for a society in which submissives, female or male, could thrive in would need protections for people without power and ours SUCKS on that.  Black teenager spends years in jail for kissing an underage girl who used fake ID to get into jail.  Rich white teenager admits to drugging and raping at least four young women and violating the terms of his parole and gets NO jail time and will serve paltry probation that the judge had to pray over giving him.

Question 1: I literally am not sure.  A society would have to value women as a whole for any submissive to thrive and I cannot envision that right now.

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