It’s Christmas Eve and Digital Me is Getting Toyed With

That would be because digital me gets to choose her own adventure in someone’s oddly well informed kink story line with an ambitious aggressive intelligent potential Dom that both respects her choices and acknowledges His attraction to her.  Additionally, he’s single with no entanglements so yeah she’s enjoying her best life.  Real me isn’t batting 1000 right now.  Folks are either too young, seemingly too experienced or attached.  I’ve been through all of those iterations enough to recognize that what I’d like isn’t in my purview right now and that I’m okay with that. There was a time I would have been so excited to have the attention that I would have ignored a few of those red flags but that was mostly because I didn’t even know they were red flags at the time.  I do know though so gotta keep it pushing and letting digital me take our lashes. On the plus side I’m 95 percent done with stuff for work so I’m going to relax until the new year.

Prompt for the day: What your Dominant’s daily expectations of you?  Literally nothing as I am single.  Honestly this hasn’t been a regular part of my D/s relationships.  I think Emperor had a few tasks but it was mostly to bask in his wonder and Mr. Wolf wanted me to check in by text but my schedule was never consistent and I found that annoying so it never happened.  There was a moment I offered to journal for Mr. Wolf and the Dutchman but that didn’t last long because they were not consistently reading and that made me bratty and pouty and it was just a bad experiment.  Maybe in the next dynamic.  Maybe not.

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