Almost Forgot About This

Getting things squared away with part of my day to day life has meant I could redirect to work stuff for a bit.  I did that more of the day than I planned so I really did forget about this prompt.  It’s basic and should be short potentially: Do you live your D/s in secret?  And the answer absolutely is yes.  Very few of my friends know about my kink life and that’s because most of my friends are not terribly open about sex or sexuality in general let alone what people think D/s is.  If you want to talk about traveling, hanging out, drinking then they’d mostly all be in on the conversation.  Most are religious and would say that their husbands are leading their households but I’m not sure they would see that in the same way that I see D/s.  Add into that my career and my family expectations and there is little room to be an out submissive woman. It would lead to questions about my judgment, my competence at the job and my ability to interact with mentoring programs.  So I keep this part of my life to myself and keep it pushing.

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