Today Was Busy

Responded to lots of emails, still waiting on answers to a few things, not at all ready for or eager about Christmas which is not much different from last year, got the last bit of work done at the house before the move next week, bought a tv stand for downstairs, agreed to keep looking for the right ottoman for the living room, went on a chocolate run, food run, and discovered that we can FINALLY order cable for the move and have that set up.  Now I won’t have a sad mom on New Year’s Day when the games are on and I can finish up some work and sleep peacefully–I hope, in the new bedroom.

Prompt for the day: What is your favorite physical manifestation of D/s?  As I read this initially, I really did let out a sigh. It’s a silly thing that has little to do with D/s from the outside looking in and everything to do with me as a submissive and how I connect with a Dominant partner. My favorite physical sign of D/s is when my Dominant partner strokes my hair either when I’m kneeling at his feet or laying in bed next to him.  I may or may not be naked, that’s not really crucial but if I’m naked and he’s dressed it deepens the connection for me.  It’s a quiet simple moment in which nothing is more fascinating than him and makes me respond to something very primal in me that can be small and protected and nurtured from the rest of the world just for a little bit.

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