Merry Christmas 2021

I’ve talked to my family a lot already given that it’s not quite noon.  Mom is happy, sibling and his family are happy and when I went to bed my house smelled like love and baked goods.  For some reason I decided to make desserts last night and it helped clean out some things before we moved.  I made two different kinds of brookies (brownie/cookies) and one pan of brownies.  All overflowing with a bag of walnuts between the three.  I was trying to avoid the chocolate chip cookie brookie but it’s one of the boxes that was in the house so it happened.  The other is peanut butter.  Mom has already had her first serving of brownie and in an hour or so I’m going to let the ribs come to almost room temperature and the pop them into the oven.

Christmas Prompt (not actually in the book that way it’s just the prompt for today which happens to be Christmas): Have you had a mentor before?  What can having a mentor do for you?  I have had mentors in other aspects of my life but not in kink.  The few times I reached out to be mentored it went no where so I just quit looking.  Especially now when I’ve been in and out of the scene for several years now and don’t know that it makes sense.  Having a mentor in other areas has made me more confident, helped me find new opportunities and have been a form of support and friendship.

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