Hot Stones on Your Back are Oddly Soothing

My massage therapist is not in on Thursdays otherwise I would have gotten rubbed down yesterday.  I had assumed when I booked my appointment that I would have moved in at this stage but hey such is life.  As the title says the hot stones in the longer birthday massage was EVERY FUCKING THING.  Oh my god if I could pay that woman to just hang out at my house I totally would.  Since I am not independently rich I will just see her at the end of next month.  I am ready for this prompt I think.  Yeah I am.  Today’s prompt: Is power exchange a want or a need in your life?

I may have mentioned that some of my exes are/were married to women that could not meet their kink needs.  Both said something to the effect that they assumed they would just be able to live without that part of their lives being fulfilled.  They were both ultimately wrong about that which is why/how we met.  I cannot date someone that isn’t in the kink or BDSM community.  I watched them struggle with their decisions and I’ve watched other people do that as well.  It doesn’t appeal to me to even attempt to do that.  And to be even clearer, I can’t just do any old dynamic.  When men have approached me that identify as submissive or as switches I’m not attracted to them.  I know that people can respond to the energy their partner needs but I don’t want you to mold yourself for me and sacrifice large chunks of who you are or what you want to be satisfied.  That ends up making people resentful which is not a good thing for any of us.  We can be friends but we can’t be together.  One of my vanilla exes can still make me drip BUT can’t even consider hooking up with him now because he is more submissive than I am.  I don’t enjoy telling people what to do in bed.  Life was much more simple when I hadn’t made the connection between power exchange and my happiness.  Now that I have it really is a need in my life.  I’m comfortable being single as it is but I really am if it means being with the wrong person just so I’m not alone.

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