Birthday Bundle

I’m late on these for lots of reasons but today is my birthday and I’m entitled to do whatever I like.  It’s barely my birthday in the US but it’s my birthday all the same.  It’s been a long year in COVID.  I haven’t been able to do a lot of the things that would make me feel renewed but I am not going to give up on that.  Hopefully sometime in the new year, my passport will be stamped again.  Shit I may need to renew that early.  And I will find a person that makes me tingle and glow from the inside again.  And I will be able to set up something wonderful on my job and in my community.  I’ll see how it goes.  I did find the new house I wanted from last year so let’s just see what happens.  Anyway, prompts for the last few days are in this post starting with Tuesday.  Wednesday and today are after the break.

What is one quality you think most Dominants possess? I am not sure.  They don’t all have swag, they don’t all command respect.  I guess this is better if I think of people that are actually Dominant versus those who through the label around to fuck with people who don’t know better.  Actual Dominants seem to be intelligent, restrained, willing to understand there’s always more to learn, and patient. Most of the ones I’ve met also have a good sense of humor.  That’s more than one quality but there’s nothing cut and dry about dominant people or dominance.

Do you feel it is most effective that an experienced owner acts as a mentor for their potential submissives, or should skilled submissives outside the relationship act as a mentor?  Not sure.  Mentoring is only as good as the mentor and either side of the slash could provide good information depending on who they are.  A Dominant mentor could help you with following commands, the kind of service they enjoy or most Dominants enjoy, helping you find the right behaviors from a position of servitude or submission.  A submissive mentor may help you find the right motivation to serve, help you deal with the insecurities and handle life issues.  That’s a perspective that a Dominant partner cannot provide me.

What are your current wants and needs in your relationship? Have any wants or needs changed since you first started exploring submission?  I am not currently in a relationship.  I want/need security primarily.  I don’t want to have to guess if I’m desired.  I don’t want to have to wonder if you are okay, upset, invested in the relationship.  I do not need to be micromanaged but regular communication is both desired and will deepen my connection with my partner.  What has happened in the past is an immediate fiery connection that is not maintained.  That new relationship energy is a bitch when it dies off.  I want to feel free to be goofy and giggle and fluctuate been needing the protection of a Daddy figure while also understanding I don’t regress and I’m not a little.  Pajamas are just mad comfortable and coloring is super stress relieving.  I don’t want to be my partner’s equal but I want to be valued for the skills I have and knowledge I’ve obtained.  And yes those needs have changed over the years.  Before I just needed a schedule and a task list and I was going to overcompensate for what I wasn’t getting from my partner.  I don’t enjoy that particular brand of mind fuck anymore.  Ready for a new challenge.

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