Hey You, Random person still reading, how ya doing

Today’s prompt: What advice would you give a new submissive just exploring submission?  This feels like a bullet point list so that’s what you are getting.

  1. Take your time learning.  You are not competing with anyone to be the best submissive ever.  Your journey is your journey period.  Go to classes if you can, read a ton if you can, make sure you get to know someone before you let them play with your emotions and breathe.  There will be another chance to be better and find a better fit.
  2. Don’t get swept up in the desire of being wanted and forego normal vetting and red flags of potential partner.
  3. Be patient with yourself, you are going to make mistakes and that’s okay
  4. Don’t make rash decisions in the name of submission that you wouldn’t make in the vanilla world
  5. Protect your peace and privacy as much as you need to do so
  6. Smile and enjoy your new home
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