Black girl down, tired of people and their bullshit

I almost skipped this because as the title states I’m done but this may be the last thing I do tonight.  Prompt: how do you define strength and do you see yourself as strong? could you see yourself submitting to someone less strong than yourself?  Legit couldn’t make up the timing here and I tell other folks when we aren’t dealing with something that thing slaps us in the face so here we go.  My short definition for tonight is strength is a Black woman.  No matter how we look, how smart we are, how much we do on our jobs, for our families, for our communities and for the fucking world they all somehow expect us to do more.  And 98 percent of the time we do that because if we don’t we know the whole enterprise comes to a screeching halt.  But baby that 2 percent you would think we were spawns of Satan for saying newp not doing this shit with y’all today.  All of my life is strength and I am tired.  And shorter response to the second piece of this prompt–fuck no.  You don’t have to be physically stronger than me but I damn sure need you to be mentally stronger than me because when I break you have to be able to hold me together.  If you can’t do that then I don’t need you and I won’t trust you to lead me.

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