Weekly Recap: 4 Weeks, 28 or so posts

I just got through crying and I can say it had nothing to do with my submission or my single status.  Someone shared one of those military parents reuniting with children after a long absence videos and boy those are good for a few cleansing tears.  This week was about healing and pushing forward.  I got to remember people I love/d and I got to remember to love on me.  I worked on managing my own emotions, expectations and energy so that I’m not feeling out of control.  It’s okay to have moments when you are swept up and hell I miss those moments but not being in a consistent good place or being easily thrown out of that place by what someone else does or doesn’t do isn’t ideal.  No one needs to appear for me to realize this.  I just needed to refocus.  I didn’t entirely stick to my plan but that was a good thing too.  In the last four days, people have popped up out of nowhere and subtly or aggressively wanted my attention.  If anyone of them struck me as a vibe to explore, I would have but since they didn’t I just got back to work on taking care of me and the stuff I need to do.  I can’t say this will be a forever mood but I’m grateful for it now.  The rest of the plan will work itself out slowly but surely.  And so will I.

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