28 Days Later

So we have made it to the fourth week with timing being the biggest contributor to me forgetting to post not just me being forgetful.  Some things have changed and other things have not.  I’ll get to that in my recap post though.  For now let’s get to the prompt for today which is: Over the past week, what did you do to bring yourself closer to reaching your submissive goals?  What can you do over the coming week to achieve further progress?  

In all honesty, my initial thought was nothing.  Shit I’ve been busy as we rush towards a move, work and the holidays approach.  That’s not entirely true though.  I’ve been thinking about submitting more.  I started a space on Fetlife that I need to invite people to.  I bought some things that evoked moments of submission for me.  And I’ve been talking to people more about where I am and what I am thinking about.  Then there’s also been moments when I recognized that someone isn’t wanting to connect to me and instead of letting it put me in a spiral like normal, I said my piece and kept it moving.  It’s not like I have no emotion there because I do.  But it wasn’t helping me to stay mired in that emotion when it’s not reciprocated.  I can be stupid sometimes but not indefinitely.  That’s not a good look now is it.  And I’ve been working on improving me overall.  I’m happier when I get my hair done regularly so I got that taken care of yesterday.  Friday I have a doctor’s appointment to work on the next wave of self-improvement and a massage after that.  I also managed to not get snared into the emotional cesspool of good sex with an ex who messaged me out of the blue.  He’s luscious, the sex is amazing and he always fucking smells good.  I legitimately just talked about him in terms of bad decision making last week.  My fault for not assuming that meant he’d be making an appearance soon.  But I actually busy the entire time he’s here and there’s nothing anyone could tell me to make me skip my massage to drive to meet him.  So I did a lot of internal work and self care so good for me.  Next week I think I’m just gonna keep doing the same thing cause why the hell not.  I have to remember to love me regardless of what anyone else is doing period.

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