Almost a milestone: Prompt 29

This prompt was not what I was anticipating, again lol, but it makes sense in the context of what had been going on.  Have you attended a munch group?  What were your impressions?  Have you been back?  Why or why not?

I have literally never been to a munch group.  Typically the areas I live in are lacking in diversity and I would stand out like a sore thumb to use an old saying.  This plus the conservative nature of my career means I rarely interact in public spaces.  I almost went when I relocated here and had been looking for a munch group that was out of my town but as I checked out the guest list I realized I knew at least one person from our common occupation and didn’t want them to be awkward at the munch or at work.  Especially since I had just got there and they could be in a position to evaluate my work.  I like the social aspects of what munches have to offer but I only hang out in BDSM spaces when I out of the area and when they are largely inhabited by POC.  I’d love to have that option here but considering my desire to eat regularly and not be 1) fetishzied or 2) fired then keeping my private life private is my best option while I live here.  Maybe if I relocate or if my future partner wants to give it a go but that’s a huge maybe.  POC social circles are so much so even a rumor about something kinky could ruin relationships for me and my mother and it’s not worth that.  So there you go.  No munches for red.

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