The Dirty Thirty

Up watching tennis.  Trying to manage some aches and pains that are creeping in because I’m tired as fuck and still have a full week of shit to do only the last two of which are to make me happy.  Debating ditching work but I shouldn’t because next week is short due to the holiday but I really really want to do so.  Like I’d love to go back to sleep for a bit but yeah not possible either right now.  Just wanted to set the scene before I respond to this prompt: Does your submission let you build on your strengths?  Do you have any strengths and talents that you’re not using at the moment?

So I’ll be honest and say I went WTF when I saw this.  I don’t know that anyone has challenged me to build on a strength while being a submissive.  That is not to say I haven’t been challenged OR that I haven’t grown.  Just that no one has said you are really good at X and I need to see you improve here.  Or you are good at Y but if you use the talent you have in X to make Y better.  But it’s not also not something I’ve asked for in my dynamics or at least not clearly.  I’ve not even directly asked that someone push a boundary.  I’ve given them tacit permission to do so but nothing explicit there either.  Part of this year of writing, 335 more to go yippee, is about me figuring some of that out.  I can be better for myself period.  Maybe that will make me better for someone else or maybe it makes me a devoted pug lady when I get older lol.  They are cute and will match my chilling out vibe.  So I guess the first answer is no because it hasn’t come up.  The second response is not really.  I’ve been pulled in lots of directions personally and professionally lately that are putting my talents on display.  Outside of serving my Dominant partner in some way, I’m using all the other resources up.  There ya go.

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