Three Weeks and Counting: Prompt 21

This before bed and before daylight savings time has done it’s thing so I think it will say November 7th but I have no idea so go with whatever it is.  Prompt for today is: What was your first Dominant/submissive encounter?  I think it depends on what you are looking for here.  Do you mean the first time I understood that I might be submissive or the first time that I acted in a submissive way with a Dominant partner?  I’ll tackle each of these because my brain has the energy to do so right now.

First time I thought I might be submissive was with a HS boyfriend because I distinctly remember the satisfaction and pride I felt when I did things for him and let him do things to me that I had not considered.  It was all in a sexual capacity because I don’t think he had the ability or understanding of what it would take to really dominate me.  That’s a good thing though because his grand plan for our lives together was he was going to become a manager at a fast food restaurant that gave decent profit sharing while I went to medical school, birthed our children and occasionally let him sleep with his ex who had decided she could never be happy without him.  Like no lie, that was a thing, and she went AWOL from the military while I was away at school to be with him and prove her love.  Woo I was dumb.  So was she and I’m glad that never one of us ended up in that hot mess permanently.  Okay moving on.

My first actual D/s encounter happened when I was in my late 20s.  Maybe mid 20s but regardless, at least a decade after I thought this may be a thing.  It was with Emperor and I agreed to meet him as I was driving from one destination to where I was set to begin my first grown up job.  It was not at all what I thought it would be and I will super honest and say I had no idea how to be sexy in a submissive way so lots of things were probably not what they should have been.  I was cuffed, abused, used to provide oral services to him and then ejaculated upon.  I have no idea how long we played but I went to sleep happy and left the next day still high as a kite from the experience.  I think that was a bit of a frenzy because the energy kept me from recognizing I was bruised until I was several hours into the drive and nearing my final destination.  I’m pretty sure I sprained my ankle and if I was any lighter would have shown quite a few large bruises to my new colleagues.  It was enough to tell me I found my place but not enough for me to know what I really wanted.


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