The Prince Prompt 17 Days

Y’all that made me super giddy to type but clearly I’m a weirdo.  Here’s the prompt: It’s 100 years in the future, and someone just dug up a time capsule of your life.  Describe the items inside it and what you hope they communicate about you.  Tie each item back to a memory from your life.

So the first thing they would likely find is my music collection or things that are tied to my music collection (old concert swag, tickets, etc).  I have been going to concerts since I was in elementary school when my mother let me go see Michael Jackson during the Bad world tour.  It was amazing and started my love of seeing people live instead of just listening to them on recordings.  Most of the people I’ve seen live have been better than the recordings anyway so that would likely be the biggest portion of my time capsule.  Most of it would be Prince related because he was everything for me but they would see that I listened to anyone that made good music that was kind of classic.  

They would likely find cookbooks after that because I love to cook and bake and grow things that I cook or bake with later.  I love sharing food with people because it allows me to share love with them.  Yes it may take more effort to make things I don’t like but watching people be happy is amazingly wonderful.  It’s one of the things that connects me to my grandmother as well.  She let me cook and bake with her and that used to be the joy of going to visit her.  She’d put me on a little stool and let me measure ingredients or stir things.  My favorite repetitive question was about my pinch versus her pinch of something.  She’d just give me a hug and laugh and say both pinches worked just fine.

Other than that the only thing I’m sure they’d find are things related to my family because I’m stupid sentimental as I said before.  Photos, necklaces, bracelets and the like.  They would be there because they represent my family.  I have bracelets that are linked to my nieces, a necklace that represents my entire family and photos from everywhere.  

They may also find my passport because I love to travel but that’s not a promise.  I may have taken it with me to the afterlife to remind me of all the places I traipsed around the world to before I departed.

Yeah that’s it.

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