It’s Friday y’all: Prompt 26

I did some work but mostly was chilling today.  The prompt is going to be the bulk of this post.  Prompt is: How much input do you want to have when planning a scene?  How much do you want to know about the Dominant’s plans before they happen?

Honestly outside of making sure we review hard limits, soft limits and kinks I haven’t wanted a ton of input in the scene.  I mean let’s make sure you know my safe word and that it’s unlikely that I will use it so you’re going to have to watch me and make sure I haven’t totally checked out.  Knowing what the plan is ahead of time wouldn’t really help me because then I start making an image in my head of how I want things to play out which isn’t necessary beneficial for anyone involved.  A disappointed me isn’t fun for anyone involved so it’s probably better to keep the updates pretty much in the moment.  Tell me you’re going to cut off my clothing a few minutes before it happens.  Well maybe tell me that part ahead of time so I can wear things I don’t mind being cut off.  Whispering you’re about to tie me up and fuck me right before you get out the rope and yep happy girl.  There’s a lot I don’t need to know before it happens.  That’s probably because I’ve only been with partners that fired up my imagination ahead of time.  Not sure what would come up with someone that I was getting to know. 

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