It’s Friday and it’s been a mixed bag

I’ve been looking forward to today for a while.  I had limited meetings.  I was meeting with my doctor to figure out how to use my HSA to fund some much needed exercise intervention and a massage was rounding out the day.  All of that happened but with the extra added bonus of the verdict in the Rittenhouse trial.  I mean not at all shocked but it definitely threw off the mood.  But I came home to another pick me up and got dinner and the only thing I haven’t done that I thought I would is have a drink.  I had a cupcake instead and I’m going to take it.  I’m going to try to get this prompt posted before midnight but I’m struggling if I’m honest.  If another big yawn overtakes me I may just be doing this bright and early in the morning.  Prompt: Do you know any ‘dying’ skills like sewing, hand quilting, soap making, canning, etc? How does this improve your service? What skills would you like to take the opportunity to learn?  That’s a lot to unpack so we’ll see how well this goes.

Yes I know what some people consider dying skills.  I can pickle most things but mostly just do onions for meals.  I make ice cream from scratch especially with the nice machines that make life so much easier.  I can cross stitch with the best of them and yes I sew.  Outside of the food related skills I don’t know that they impact my service.  I like cooking and preparing things for people I care about so it likely makes them happy to have it but it’s not like it’s something I can do often in relationships because I am usually not local to my Dominant partners.  The few times I fed Mr. Wolf he wrecked the food which is a compliment but made me cranky because I didn’t get to enjoy it.  He was happy though.  When I fed GN he was happy but he also fed me too which was great.  I think if I was living with or close to my Dominant partner again it would be one of the ways in which I could show my commitment or desire to serve but a large chunk of that depends on what they are hoping for in our dynamic so yeah we’ll have to see there.

What skills would I like to learn?  I’m not sure it would help my dynamic but I really would like to become fluent or conversational in at least one other language.  My preference would be to reclaim the French, get better at the Dutch, and passable with ASL.  Languages help me think and process information so I enjoy the challenge there.  When I’m mentally engaged I tend to be able to extend myself in ways for my partner that I cannot when I am just tired and caught up with work.  Oh and I’d really like to learn how to play the drums and piano.  I bought a drum kit but I’m not buying a keyboard or piano so I need to sort out how to do those lessons.  I’d also like to learn to make some pastas and breads from scratch and do some gardening to grow some food on my own.  I’m rather old fashioned but don’t really get a chance to flex in that way.  That’s what I’d like.

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