Recharging in other pursuits

I like when the universe aligns.  My prompt for tonight is: Within the next year, how can you improve your submission?  You may be wondering why that perfectly aligns and it’s because I’m doing something this weekend that makes me blissfully happy and has nothing to do with submission.  Sometimes I get so laser focused on being a better submissive that I forget about all the things that make my life rich that have literally NOTHING to do with kink.  That matters because when I am happy and fulfilled then I can be a better version of myself for my partner.  I love what I’m doing this weekend in ways I can’t really detail right now and it made me remember how blissfully happy I was when I started doing it so yeah I need to do more to engage with that part of who I am too.  And to do that in other ways too.  Can I engage with the things that make me light up from the inside again?  Those things make me more interesting, more settled, provide me peace and mean I am not needy, clingy, overthinking or any of the other things that impair my submission.  They also fulfill my need to serve in a non kinky way.  I want to make my life as joyful as possible so I can give that joy freely in and outside of BDSM.

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