Month 2: Prompt 32

I’m watching this as Stephanie Mills and Chaka Khan are singing on Verzuz right now so I may get distracted.  Here’s the prompt: Who or what inspires you in your life?

Honestly I find and have found lots of people inspiring and this list is not exhaustive.  I’ll get to them and the things in turn.  Inspiration can be found anywhere if we are open to it and I try to remain open to the universe as much as I can.  It keeps me going in between the tired parts and the moments that I just don’t think I can string it together.

So first things that inspire me:

  • Traveling in general
  • Friendly people while I’m traveling
  • Good food
  • Happy babies and animals
  • While I don’t want to be up enough to see them, a good sunrise
  • Those purple sunsets
  • A good massage, scalp massage or pedicure
  • A wonderful book
  • A song that touches my spirit in just the right way

People that inspire me:

  1. My family even when they get on my nerves, each one of them has overcome something and continues to love and work hard
  2. Kids again, they are the most realistic and honest people you can have inf your lives
  3. Prince, even though he’s gone he’s still imparting information on my life when I need it
  4. Pink cause she’s kind of badass
  5. Most of the classic R&B divas because see number 1
  6. Musicians in general cause they give me love in ways I don’t know how to ask for but desperately need
  7. Writers cause they create worlds I can escape into
  8. People in love in general, happy love is amazing, Black love is even better for me
  9. Mentors and mentees, cause they pour into me and let me pour into them
  10. Lots of folks I’m probably forgetting
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