Didn’t Expect This One Either: Prompt #15

My life is a hot mess in some ways so I should have anticipated this one coming up but not sure why it never escaped my brain.  My Dominant partners have never been big on collars which is a good thing because I’m not sure how I would have handled this question otherwise.  It’s still a bit of a mind fuck all the same.  So here we go: What would you do with your Dominant’s collar if they died while you were in a relationship with them?  If you’ve been tracking then you know Mr. Wolf died unexpectedly.  However, we were not together at that point so I just had to deal with my random distress regarding hearing about his death outside of the channels we had agreed upon previously.

I’m a ridiculously sentimental person so I’m pretty sure I’d be thinking about how to incorporate his collar into my daily life.  I can never have enough key chains or maybe a new belt or take a sketch of it and make it a tattoo.  That would not have been my immediate thought though.  I just would have debated how long I could wear it without it feeling like I was destroying my ability to heal.  There’s a balancing act to be sure and I’m not sure how to have done that if it needed to be done.  Had it been GN or Emperor it likely would have become a new bracelet.  I couldn’t submit to them anymore but I couldn’t be separated from a piece of them.  This is one of those conversations I have never ever contemplated as a submissive and I guess in my next dynamic this is something that will need to be addressed.  As I’m thinking now too, I may have been the reason for the lack of collar.  I don’t need one to commit, have never asked for one, and wasn’t sure how I could wear one discretely without getting self-conscious or people noticing.  I did see a cute one on etsy tonight that lets you use Morse code to spell a word out in colored bands on a necklace that would have been intriguing as long as people don’t know Morse code.  Ahh well, I’d likely keep it, and wear it in some way other than was intended in the first iteration.

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