Another Two For One: Missed Prompt and the Day Ahead

So Monday got away from me and this is late but is an interesting conversation: Write about your first power exchange relationship.  How does that differ from the one you are in now?  The first one was very old school dynamic wise.  Master/slave (submissive), I called him Sir, he was not overly interested in my wants and needs and I was not overly concerned with them either.  I’m not in a relationship now but the most recent one was different because I was more assured of who I was and what I wanted and I wasn’t afraid–entirely–to ask for it.

Tuesday will be long as heck so here’s the later today prompt: Have you experienced sub frenzy?  What was it like for you?  Yes totally have and it’s a weird thing I can’t entirely describe and cannot say I entirely want to re-experience.  The best way I can express it was it’s like being borderline psychotically high.  I was floating and nothing could touch me.  If it was possible to emanate light from my body I would have been glowing. I was blissfully happy.  I had more energy than the law should allow and I was desperately madly in love.  The sensation was amazing but the crash is the fucking worse.  The dominant that elicited the emotion is almost never around when you crash and it’s like a plummet from the peak of a mountain into the third circle of hell when all of that energy burns off.  Hated it, do not recommend.

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