when exhaustion meets a new stimuli

i think i get to go to bed soon.  i say think because honestly the more tired i’ve been lately the harder it has been to sleep.  that’s my standard procedure though.  after being at work late three nights in a row i mistakenly thought i only had a few things to do today.  nope five meetings and teaching.  i would have been asleep right after dinner but my parental unit doesn’t like giving herself shots so i had to wait up until she was comfortable with her insulin reading.  that meant two extra hours of being awake and i pray i don’t pay for it later.  being barely awake and explaining the psychological components of fisting to a relative stranger triggered my hind brain and i was horny for the rest of the day.  but so tired that only my mind and vagina were having any kind of party.  i won’t detail that now because i really do want to go to sleep lol.  booo to Stepford not being real and cloning not being an option yet.

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