today was well random

I normally wake up on Mondays with a ton of plans about how I’m gonna conquer the day.  This morning I got up, went to the bathroom, turned off my alarm and said FUCK IT before promptly laying right on back down.  I didn’t stay asleep very long before allegedly going through my wake up routine but about an hour into that, back to sleep.  I was woken up by my phone which I need to work on and then went right on back to dicking around but legit refused to get dressed.  I didn’t sit up right for good until like 1 o’clock and that was mostly because a coworker called so I was giggling.  I did a lot of random shit I could do from home but I didn’t get to my office till an hour before I had to be in a meeting and then as soon as that wrapped up I came right on back home to do more of nothing.  That’s not entirely true.  I grabbed groceries and some Sonic and then home.  It’s 9:30 ish now and I did a few things to get ready for tomorrow and run a project I need to get back on top of so I can see what can be found.  Outside of that though I seriously wish I could sleep and do nothing for the rest of the week but meetings start tomorrow at 9.  I can’t get in a good long orgasm like I did today.  I won’t be able to spew my guts to someone randomly.  And I won’t be able to admire my nipples while I lounge around half dressed.  I may be able to rub one out in the shower while listening to Sucker For Pain again.  It did make me want to hand over some rope and take a nap while someone got to work on binding me up tight.  Oh well.

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