I didn’t get drunk but…Prompt 13

I had a lot to do today, got some drinks and now I’m tired.  I also have a ton of potential things I need to get done tomorrow so here’s prompt 13: Write a summary of a book about your life as a submissive.

Real talk when I saw this prompt I thought to myself is this a tragedy, a comedy, an epic tale or could it just be cliff notes.  I mean I’ve been exploring submission for a LONG time but I’m not sure what the book would say other than this girl learns slowly.  Well buckle up because here we go.

First pass I think would say something like this: She is a woman that intensely feels even when those feelings lead her astray.  Her hind brain will overwhelm her rational brain when it comes to choosing partners and because of that she will struggle to find the right person. She instantly knows who the wrong fit is but even then she doesn’t back away quickly enough.  Her high functioning status in the rest of her life belies her deep seated desire to relinquish all control to the right partner.  She has struggled with the idea of something more involved than submissive but as she ages she realizes that most days what she would enjoy most in the world is to work, come home, have dinner and turn off the part of her brain that makes decision for herself.  Her heart desires nothing more than a highly invested sadistic, mentally attuned, Daddy Dom hybrid to whisk her away to where she can serve him and grow under his watchful and perpetually horny line of vision.

Yeah I think that is it for the first pass.  The only thing I think I would add in the second pass is this:

She has served several Dominant partners, typically from a distance, which is potentially why the mental component is so important to her.  She has lived full time with one partner which was a tiny slice of bliss for her as he abused her body in every delightful way that he could and tended to her exhaustion with life in the sweetest of ways.  She has envisioned what that would look like in the future but has made no progress in obtaining it. 

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