365 Days, Prompt Two

Prompt for today: What is something you regret doing?

So this will be a weird post.  In theory, I regret nothing.  While my life may not be on fire with excitement and lusty pronouncements, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in if it were not for those past decisions.  They all connect and again the immediate after effects were sometimes grueling but they made me sit here now and ready to tackle the next thing coming.  For the sake of the prompt, I can say that I regret not standing up for myself more.  I have allowed disrespect from family, friends, colleagues and partners to go on longer than it should have.  I have refrained from trashing other people while I know they were doing the same thing to me elsewhere.  And I have let people have misconceptions of me because it wasn’t worth it to me to correct it.  To my mind, if they really wanted to know they would come to me but they didn’t so yeah.  I know part of my letting things ride is because of how my irritation, rightful though it may be, is read as anger and out of proportion to what is actually happening.  With partners, I’m sure my submissive brain is short circuiting about how we went from me being desired and valuable to discarded and replaced.  But I didn’t see any reason to rail against them either because the people that enjoyed them wouldn’t believe me and I would just look like the bitter ex.  So maybe what I regret is having to manage my image with people that only care to see one side of my existence and everything else is unacceptable. 

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