A Year of Introspection Prompt 3 and 4

I am doing both of these now because I forgot about day three and my day four will be a hot mess.  So day three asks the following question: What’s the best advice you were ever given.  This has nothing to do with kink in theory but it applies.  And it was that I always had to take care of myself first so that I could take care of the people I care about and do my job well.  Very true statement and when I forget it then parts of my life fall apart.  The problem I sometimes have is that I’m so in my zone that I cannot process anything other than this needs to be done.  I miss my Dominant partner saying sit your dumb ass down before you hurt yourself.  The external perspective works better than my mental flossing.  Dumb I know but it is where I am.

Day 4: What is something you regret not doing? This could be a follow up to day two but I don’t want to cheat the process.  I regret not traveling more and doing things by myself.  I have often wanted to go on big trips with friends, mostly for safety and the share expenses but my friends have often wanted to do domestic trips and then be cheap when we go.  None of that is appealing to me.  I want to try the new things and explore the random shit and just enjoy being somewhere other than my home.  With regard to kink, I regret not forging a kink identity in a community that was heavily POC.  That’s where I am comfortable and I feel like I have missed so much because I’ve not firmed up those connections.

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