so maybe that wasn’t post 800

Just realized I have some hidden posts to make sure the blog displays correctly.  Ha it doesn’t matter.  Life is crazy busy lately.  And weird if I’m going to be honest.  Some good things happened and I’m happy about all the new directions things are going.  Some annoying things happened but–and no offense to the folks I know that are sweet and cool–but white folks are being real white.  I still wish the Dark Connections message board was up and running again because Fet is mostly still trash.  They are helping me with my Dutch though so yeah to the cool Dutch folks that I need to hit up later tonight.  But first I need to go to a work thing in my little black dress that is not little because these are work folks.  Mom is still being mom so there’s that.  And I am both single and chill about it really. After my last vent, I was told there was a solution which is great but you know once I get in my feelings I can stay there for a bit.  And I was in the middle of talking to new Dutch friends so I wasn’t overly worried about it.  But we kept chatting as well and weird thing there too.  I’m good now.  I’m not tripping over myself in love because that ship has sailed.  I do enjoy a good flirt and knowing now that whatever was unresolved there is kinda done. He was going through some things that put me through some things.  Different things than Mr. Wolf, but still things.  I’m not sure The Dutchman and I will be more than random flirty folks but I’m also okay with that.  Life is life, we live on different continents and even if we didn’t, he doesn’t exude “one woman man” energy.  Not even sure I would want one primary partner going forward either.  I just know that I’m better now.  Can’t say why at all but I’ll take it for now.  And if I can hookup with this tattoo artist tomorrow I may be getting some new ink soon.  Yeah organized pain.

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