updates and sleepy thoughts

I’ve been back from my trip for a few weeks now and am excited that while I’m still busy I’m still holding true to who I am.  The trip crystallized some things both at work and in my personal life.  All I can say for certain is I’m open to new possibilities in both realms.  Looking for a new job is much easier to do than looking for a new person but I’m not anticipating either being something that happens quickly.  I’ve sent in an application for something probably totally above my pay grade and expertise but not something I couldn’t do.  I’ve been called about one job and just got contact information on another one.  That will sort itself out one way or the other.  My petty may encourage me to stay where I am and just torment the hell out of folks.  But that’s a lot of wasted energy so probably not.

Now the new person thing meh I have no idea what to do with that.  I could do what Good Nyte and the Dutchman did and just abandon all trappings of the lifestyle.  That may be easier to work out for me than it was for them as I feel no need to dominate anyone else.  And since it takes a certain kind of mojo to make me submit, rather make me want to submit to someone, then I’m unlikely to find that easily regardless of it was in the vanilla world or not.  Plus if I’m being completely honest most of the dominant men I know can’t switch gears to my world easily.  By my world I mean the vanilla side of my life.  They can be aggressive or dismissive in ways that become obvious they don’t click there.  That’s not true across the board but the ones that have done so have made me wish I was dating a slightly kinky regular dude.  All dating sites suck for black women, unless you want to be with a white dude, which I do not.  This one will take longer for me to wrap my head around.

On another note, I’ve signed up to take a formal foreign language class for the first time in flipping forever.  Excited.

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