Sleep deprivation, petty and moving on

I have finished my globe trotting and have had a week to sort of recover from it.  I was up a few nights in a row trying to resolve a situation that cropped up while I was gone and then basically traveled all day to make it home and immediately start working again.  I have to say I really enjoyed seeing a new country in Europe, collecting new passport stamps, and seeing the world through the eyes of folks who had never left the country.  I will likely repeat the process at some point in the future but need to get in a break for myself abroad as well.  I might see if I can let mom tag along this time because I know she wants to go but it has to be somewhere she doesn’t have to do a lot of walking to have fun or I’ll never hear the end of it.  Or I’ll have to get her stamina up before we take off.  Maybe that’s what we can do over the next year.

My petty level is on 100 right now.  The incident I mentioned on the trip is still flaring up now that we’re back and I would really like to pull myself out of the situation but there’s no quick exit out of it.  Combine that with some random things that have happened since I’ve been back have frustrated me to no end.  I have no patience right now really.  And I don’t know when I will get any back.  I’m also not forcing myself to get it back right now either.  Don’t ask a question you really don’t want the answer to right now and don’t promise you will do something and then fall down on your end of things on.  I’m super duper done.

So I’m sure some of you are wondering if I saw The Dutchman while I was away.  I will say yes.  For like five minutes.  I’m not kidding five minutes.  Long enough to say hi, maybe hug and then he had to leave and the next free night I had we didn’t connect.  We weren’t together long enough for him to ask why I wasn’t wearing my glasses lol.  I’m not sure what I was expecting from our contact but I know now that there are some things that shifted.  It was a good shift and a necessary shift and when I’m done being petty I think the universe will be ready for what I’m ready for but hey if it’s not I can wait.  There’s enough other stuff on my plate right now.  Hope all is well with whomever is still giving this spot a read.

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