because neither one of us..

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted.  There are a billion and one things going on and I’m settling into life sans relationships of note.  I haven’t officially said it here mostly because I am not saying much here apparently.  After last year, I am single again and not really looking at anything substantial developing.  I know what would likely make me thrilled with the universe but I also have entirely too much going on to pursue it or even begin to know where to look.  I know that most of the time dating doesn’t even cross my brain and when it does it’s mostly I suck at the whole enterprise.  Which briefly makes me think about “making it work” with an ex when there’s literally a legitimate reason all of those relationships did not work.

I’ve mostly been watching tennis and working and getting ready for my trip.  I’ve had a few moments where I could admit to being jealous of someone’s relation as it was plastered across my screen on some level.  And then I try to remember those folks are making it work and good for them.  Being jealous when I don’t want to change my life significantly is just silly.  So I smile that there are happy coupled people and go back to watching tennis.

Not sure why I posted all of this beyond saying I’m still alive and contemplating life.  That can be dangerous lol.  Regardless, I hope the universe is treating you well.

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