Let’s Play a little George Michael: Kissing a Fool

So it’s April Fool’s day and I seriously debated playing a prank but I neither have the patience nor the creativity this year.  I wasn’t being super creative now I really do like the song.  It’s very mellow.  Something I imagine I’d have listened to in a jazz club as I nurse a heartbreak over lots of cocktails in an ankle length flapper dress.  Okay so maybe my creativity is still there if I don’t have to actually do anything with it. 

I am almost two weeks removed from my vacation now.  The two new tattoos I got while I was there are mostly healed.  The larger one looks amazing.  The smaller one needs a bit of a touch up and I’m okay with that.  Colors don’t always pop on my skin and this one is in an odd location for me so it’s hard to figure out what is normal in terms of color sticking.  I will probably do it later this summer when I have a bit of down time again.  That’s why I got them in Amsterdam.  I have no free time well no prolonged free time to do things sometimes.  Hmm so let’s move beyond that.

The trip was amazing and nothing that I planned on happening really took place.  Well almost nothing but that’s a different subject that I’ll come back to later.  I was feeling out of step with everything and everyone when I left.  I really wanted to hop on a plane to another location but Mr. Wolf and the Dutchman were both scheduled to meet me in Amsterdam at some point in time.  I tried to stifle that and just enjoy a long flight during which I watched a few movies and binged eight episodes of The Good Place.  I landed early, took a train into the city proper, got to check into my hotel the moment I got there and after a bit of rest started to venture out with Mr. Wolf who I am sure was wondering why I was still in bitch mode lol.  Regardless of my disposition we had a good time exploring the city and checking things out.  Eventually I settled into vacation mode and was more hospitable.  The Dutchman stopped by for what was supposed to be a longer visit but an unfortunate family emergency popped up and he had to cut his time with us short. 

Emergency and missing Dom threw off my equilibrium for a bit that morning but Mr. Wolf hugged, molested and distracted me until I was ready to take on the world again and we set off to finish conquering the city.  And so we did.  My ridiculous walking spree continued during this vacation.  I didn’t hit 10K steps every day but over the course of seven days I averaged 10K steps each day.  I ate a lot of good food.  I had treats that I hadn’t anticipated.  Made friends with some of the staff at one spot because I was in there so much lol.  Was mistaken for a Dutch resident more often than not lol.  The vacation fed my spirit and my submissive soul which was good and needed.  It reminded me to speak up more.  I can’t get what I want if I don’t ask for it.  I’ve tried to do that more since I have returned because I didn’t do a bang up job of that before The Dutchman arrived. 

There was a brief moment that I can only describe as blissful.  I won’t get into it too much now but in all of my poly weirdness and abject devotion to men I love was almost floating I was so happy.  Could have been an overload of endorphins from pain and sex but it was amazing.  I had a bitch of a drop on Monday this week and it felt like everything else left in me seeped out from that trip.  I’m better now and a trip to the gym helped. I think I tweaked a muscle though which wasn’t cool.  For right now it’s time for a late lunch and maybe some sleep.

How is your April starting?

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