Just use your fingers

Whenever you are in doubt
As to what I want and what I need
Default to one standard mode of operation
And you will likely bring me to my knees
Just use your fingers
To be precise the tips of your fingers
With the curly cues and firm pads
You really just need that one part of your hand
Fingertips on my lips
Will most definitely elicit a deep sigh
A tingle moves through them
It’s electric and addictive
When it’s absent it is sorely missed
I will follow those fingers
In search of your skin
The lighter you press
The more out of touch with everything else I will become
As I start to ride the high
Of your fingertips
As they make contact with my body
Pulling me deeper into you
As they play freely on willing flesh
Massaging my cheek
Full palm cupping my face
As I melt to you
Playing in my hair
Undoing what was carefully done
Dancing on my scalp
As I purr in my secret place
Knowing I’m on the verge of sleep
Or in need of your body pressed deep into mine
Makes me want to dance in your lap
Just with those pointed digits
You can make me squirm and mewl
As my body begins to shudder
Heat rushes in to the places you just left
While your fingers trace barely there lines
Down my spine
From the base of my neck through the curve of my back
I arch to increase the contact
My skin begins to tingle in reaction to the change in pressure
And anticipation of more exploration
But I really don’t need anything
More than your fingertips
On my lips
Pressing them apart
Reclaiming each piece of me
As you map out what entertains you most
And I will gladly withstand anything you plan
I will be eager and grateful
Unhinged and utterly at your whim
Please don’t forget those fingertips

© red velvet 06/03/2015

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