Short Strokes: Playing Hooky

This one is from early last year and really an update of an older story.  Hope you enjoy it.
He massaged her shoulders before moving up her arms to where her wrists were suspended above her head. The sensation felt good to her. His hands were massaging tired flesh but she knew if he was taking that much care with her before they started that he was planning on keeping her confined for as long as possible.  That normally would terrify her but she was so desperate to have him inside of her that her thoughts were all jumbled.  Part of her brain was angry that she was even in this space.  She should have objected to the room when he had it built but she knew it would make him happy and as a result she would be too. They had had some work done on the basement after it flooded a bit and when he saw that he could get part of it portioned off from the rest of it, he jumped at the chance. It had been soundproofed and the walls padded a bit just in case they lost absolute control of themselves and felt a need to slam into it repeatedly. The door looked like it was part of the wall if anyone saw it but he had planned for that as well.  He had placed a rather large bookshelf in front of the door to their hideaway. It was on small rollers so that he could shove it out of the way whenever he felt a need to drag her inside. Despite all the precautions they had made, he rarely used it when the kids were home. Even if they couldn’t hear the two of them, he didn’t want them to need their parents and not be able to locate them. But it was a school day and they were off getting their daily dose of education. He’d convince her to stay home with him and play. It didn’t take much convincing, she didn’t have that much to do at her office and she didn’t want to go in the first place. She just didn’t know he had a desire for a particularly long scene today.
Today had started off slowly enough. He kissed her until she was breathless and let her go somewhat limp against him. He was the only thing holding her upright at that point and she was feeling so good that all she wanted to do was drag him to the floor and fuck him. He pulled her arms up by their wrists and she stirred a bit but not before she was fastened into the cuffs in the middle of the ceiling. It wasn’t that bad at first. It felt like a good long stretch she would get at the gym. Then she felt the crop bite into her back. It woke her out of the kiss induced haze she had been mired in for the last few minutes. And it immediately made her pull on the cuffs. He smiled as he watched her realize just how helpless she was. He kissed her again and drug a finger over her bottom lip. He slid it side to side until she couldn’t help but suck it into her mouth. His smile widened before he withdrew his finger from her mouth. He took the moistened digit and started tweaking her nipples. When they were as hard as he wanted them to be, he started pinching and twisting one while he sucked on the other. The mixture of pain and pleasure would soon have her skin on fire and her brain descending into her happy place. He knew her well enough to see when the slip was starting and he pulled away from her. The crop hit her breasts and her stomach while he watched her body react to the blows. There was no rhythm to the strikes, just whenever the mood moved him. The blows were hard but not frequent enough to bruise her yet. She was stuck between being nervous about when the next whir of the crop would rush through the air and wanting to float off. He decided to shove her over the edge then so she wouldn’t have to wonder.
He pulled off her panties and starting fingering her pussy. She was wet instantly and this made him very happy. He picked up the clamps from the drawer he kept them in and attached them to her nipples. He slid the remote into her hands and then started talking. “As long as the clamps are going I won’t spank you but I also won’t fuck you. Whenever you can’t take anymore turn them off and I’ll fuck you till I get bored and then I’ll spank you for at least ten minutes. Do you understand baby?” She nodded yes and then it began. He put the crop down and found the Daddy paddle she had given him long ago. It smacked her bottom before she could fumble with the remote. The ten minutes seemed to fly by and then he was inside her. It was gentle at first, a polite thrust almost. But he reached around to her clit and started massaging it. She bucked back into him and he responded by trying to split her in half. The walls were genuinely tested as he enjoyed her screaming and then her begging. She’d do anything to make him stay where he was. He laughed and pulled out of her then. The paddle resumed its spanking countdown. At the pace he set, he managed to get twenty nice hard well placed swats in during the ten minutes.
The clamps didn’t come back on so he started fucking he again. It wasn’t as brutal but it was still making her moan like his personal little whore. He pushed her back down a bit making her tug on the cuffs and her wrists paid the price. It didn’t bring her out of the space she had finally embraced though. Her pussy started contracting and he pulled out once again. It wasn’t the paddle this time but the crop again. He avoided her tender ass and focused on her back and legs. When he was done, he quickly buried himself to the hilt in her wetness again. She never knew how long he fucked her, the ten minutes just seemed to be something to endure to get back to the two of them being connected, but he always stopped before she could cum with him. Well that wasn’t entirely true. She was dripping but her body hadn’t had the big orgasm she was craving. She had turned on the clamps by accident before he stopped so he just stood there watching her nipples tremble while he stroked himself. He knew what she wanted but he refused to give it to her. He didn’t try to contain his orgasm and came all over her belly. He rubbed it into her stomach and inside of her pussy. She arched her body towards him and turned off the clamps.
“Please Daddy. Please fuck me.” He laughed at her again.  “Please I’ll do anything you want just don’t stop fucking me.”  She was whimpering, almost mewling at him at that point.  The tears that were rushing over her cheeks had nothing to do with whatever sensations of pain she was feeling.  She was desperate to be on her tip toes trying to accommodate his dick and while the flush of yet another orgasm racked her body.
“Will you really do anything to get Daddy back inside of you?”
“Yes Daddy please.” had she not been horny as hell then she would have thought better of that. She knew he’d been stockpiling toys down here that he was waiting to use on her. Then she saw the horse. It was thankfully padded but she was going to be chained to it by the wrists and ankles. He unfastened her wrists and led her over to the horse. There was no point in her trying to object because she had begged for this. Her arms extended along the front and he cuffed her to it. He had a special set of cuffs attached to the legs and fastened those around her ankles. Soon she was secured and was staring at him while he busied himself.
“I must say you look perfectly luscious that way darling. This will probably hurt quite a bit but I promise to have you upstairs and bathed before the kids come home in,” his voice trailed off as he paused to look at his watch, “the next two hours.” The smile on his face was unmistakable. She hadn’t thought they had been down there very long but a few hours had passed. The spankings hadn’t been that long on purpose. He wanted to drag this out over as much as the day he wanted. He saw the remote laying on his desk but didn’t see the clamps. He had forgotten to take them off and the way she was laying now she’d just start cumming from the sensation. He flipped them on and off as he drug the knife over her skin. The blade trailed over the small of her back and up between her shoulder blades.  One knife replaced the next until he was tired of raising small lines on her back. He fished out two single tail whips and then moved around her prone body. Periodically she jerked against her restraints but mostly she just lay there writhing and creating a puddle underneath her. He dropped one of the whips and then yanked her head up by her hair. Before she could object his dick was pushing past her lips. He stood perfectly still for a few moments then started fucking her mouth the same way he planned on fucking her pussy shortly. She shuddered when he accidentally brushed her pussy with the handle of the whip which unfortunately for her gave him an idea. He pulled out of her mouth creating a void for that confused her. He returned quickly after digging around on the shelf. He had slipped a condom on the handle and after he resituated himself in her mouth the whip invaded her ass. He forced her head up a bit to get the stroke he wanted with the whip and then he smiled as she worked to control herself. When she started gagging, he slid out of her mouth and increased the speed of the whip until she whimpered that she needed him inside of her. He shook his head then and shoved the whip in far enough to keep it in place but then stopped moving it.
He grabbed a flogger then and targeted her back for a while. His dick was still glistening with her saliva and it got harder every time he saw the whip dildo shake as her ass pulled on it. He turned off the clamps and she moaned. She was beyond ready for him now but he didn’t drop the flogger. He did yank the whip out of her ass but it was mostly so he could pull her back towards him slightly on the horse. Her pussy was glistening and slick for him. He leaned forward and licked her folds until he heard her panting. He slid his tongue deep inside her then. He slapped around her wetness and pressed his fingers onto her clit until she gushed for him. He stood up, face slick with her juices and let his dick find its way inside her pussy. The blows from the flogger were fast and painful. She screamed out and he chuckled again. When she started begging for another orgasm he dropped the flogger. His hands slid onto her hips and he fucked her. Hard and fast, slow and luscious. The strokes were whatever he desired until she started tugging on his dick. He was lost in his own haze then. The pumping of his dick almost seemed maniacal and disjointed but the sounds of pleasure creeping from both of their lips were clear indications that it was what both of them wanted. His fist snaked into her hair and he growled. The friction of his thrusting and the horse made her cum.  She contracted around his dick and wet his thighs in the process of releasing her orgasm. He growled again, leaned over and kissed her back as he unloaded inside of her.
They lay there panting for a bit before he kissed her back again. He raised up and looked at his watch. They had an hour to spare and he quickly unchained her. He didn’t bother to clean up then, they could do it after the kids were asleep. He picked her up off the horse and flipped the switch that opened the door for them. He watched to make sure it closed behind them and then kicked the bookshelf back into place. He carried her up the flight of stairs from the basement and by then she was aware enough to ask to get down. He led her up to their bedroom and let her rest on the bed while he started the shower. She joined him soon and they spent most of the time in the water kissing with just enough soap covering them to get them clean. The toweling off was done leisurely and they dressed just as slowly. They were laying together on the bed kissing when the front door opened and closed. Little feet ran up the stairs and around the corner to their room, the owner’s eyes saw them kissing and a great big “gross” was emitted before they broke the kiss. They laughed at their youngest child and then got up to do their nightly family routine.

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  1. This turned me on and made me think about all the delicious things that I want to do to you.

    A room like that and the amount of exercise we would endure would be equivalent to a few marathons. And it is funny that you brought up the horse because it was something that came up as we were talking about toys on the conference call and Sir posted pics of the ones he had made.

    Let the orgasms and cum flow as usual.

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