TTF part 6: a red velvet primer

This easily could have just been a poem or stream of consciousness post but it seems to make sense to tie this into the primer series.  This is about cravings.  Specifically my cravings.  I don’t crave much truthfully.  A well cooked steak when I’m tired and don’t want to cook.  Sugar when I am a bit stressed out.  Peace and quiet when I get home so that I can walk around naked again.  Ahh that would be fantastic but I digress.  It really doesn’t take much to keep me happy.  Good conversation, good sex, good sense of humor, good at making me hurt, good at repairing that hurt.  I’m really a basic girl except in one sense.

If you manage to catch my attention then I need you to try to keep it.  I’m mentioned being a lust slut before but I really do crave your want of me.  It feeds a tiny little part of my brain that is all girl.  The part that gets giddy and grins and girlish.  That part wants to hear all the demented little things you want to do to her.  That part wants to hear how much you miss my lips on your neck or lips or thighs or dick.  That part wants to know that thinking about what you could do to makes your dick explode when you’re alone.  That part wants a lot but to be clear I need it on one level too.  It keeps my imagination firing and that is always a good thing for you.  I can get bored easily, really too easily upon occasion, and when you feed that craving for me I am ever so obedient and well just a touch on the slutty side.  I can write you inspired smut, go hunting for outfits to match what’s in my brain and choreograph naughty strip tease routines to songs only I hear in a sexual way.  I want to be the best little girl I can be for you but that need lingers.  I’m amazed at who I become and what I am capable of doing when I’m sated in that way.  I’d love for you to be sated as a result.  The only question that remains is what can you serve me to make sure that I delight in serving you?

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