There was once a sad princess in need of a prince

This will not be a fairy tale or at least not a normal one.  I was never the princess type of girl growing up.  My father blissfully skipped the stories of a damsel waiting for her brave super masculine prince to rescue her from whatever plagued her feminine brain.  He told me I could rescue myself and the man waiting on the other side would have to earn my heart.  So really imagine my confusion when at my core there’s a part of me frozen and waiting for someone to unleash me from my chains.

I imagine her locked away in a castle overrun by ice, desolate on approach and nearly abandoned.  She doesn’t cry, she doesn’t cry out, she just waits.  Only a few men have found there way there, been brave enough to enter her chambers and touch her chilly face.  Even fewer of them were able to stoke that fire, slip into the space out of time with the rest of the world and enjoy the briefly happy princess.  In that space she is alive and smiling and carnal and exploratory and giving and lustful for all that he can teach her.  She takes him into her bed and he’s amazed at the fire that seems to erupt in her skin and intoxicate him.  Her smile melts the frost around them and she begs him to take her away.  She is envious that he has been alive and knows a world outside of her icy domain.  She longs to leave with him and he promises to return with all they need to cover the barren terrain.  She waits, sitting back on her thrown, watching the ice creep back into the room around her slowly.  The color seeps from her hair a little more each time.  The tear drops lock in place on her cheeks and she finally closes her eyes and dreams again of the prince that will restore life to her castle.  The one that just left will never return.  The next one that comes will not be able to chisel through the new layer of ice.  He will have to awaken her with his passion not his actions alone.  The actions have not proven themselves consistent.  She needs to feel truth in his being and a desire to drag her from the castle wrapped only in her blanket as her smile clears their path.

She won’t be sad, lonely and confused forever but who will make it inside the castle once and for all.

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