Dalek Death Stars and Weird Dreams

I am a light weight Whovian and really only watch when I like the current Dr. or his companion.  But a website called Teefury.com is tapping into my super nerdy side every time I visit.  There’s a bunch of great shirts there from other lovers of Dr. Who and Batman/Superman/Spiderman and Star Wars and Minions and the like.  If you don’t visit often you’d likely miss a design you love. If you do visit often you are likely to be broke so balance that out if you can lol.  If you click the Dr. Who link it will take you to a collection that David Tennant (my favoritest Dr. ever) pulled together.  Teefury and Zazzle.com provided my daytime t-shirt wear.  Love them both as they allow me to be pervy and nerdy all at once.  Ah well moving on.

It’s a holiday weekend around here after the first full busy week of classes.  This would be super relaxing if I was solo or even with any of the kinky people I hung out with a few weeks ago.  Alas I am home with my mother who is a right pain in the ass about nearly everything you could be a right pain in the ass about.  Tomorrow or very early Monday I will be coerced into very slowly cooking a brisket so that she can eat it and feel like she’s having a grand old holiday food fest.  I don’t mind her having one but I do mind all the complaining that comes along with it.  Just for the record I likely won’t be cooking tomorrow.  I hate cold barbecue.  I hate reheating barbecue the day of an event.  you reheat barbecue when it’s leftovers.  And while it won’t be super spicy it’s probably going to be seasoned much better than if I let her handle it on her own.  And lots and lots of onions. 

As to the aforementioned dreams that made their way into the title let’s just say my brain when sleep deprived is a crazy fucking place.  I had lost a little bit of weight, my hair was chasing the black away and was mostly silver, my brother and mother were hanging around right before I left for a kinky event and my ex was in the mix for some reason.  Not even an ex Dom which hey going to a kinky event might make sense but just someone I used to enjoy seeing naked a LOT.  When I came back my brother was gone, my mother was asleep but my ex was still fucking there.  He had another flash of domliness and while I had a great time with what followed I was really just confused when I woke up.  I briefly went back to sleep and he was still there waiting to terrorize me.  I stayed up after that.  I know I’m officially off the high of the pain and kink love in but that was just bizarre. 

How goes life where you are?

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