I should be sleeping but…

Ok I went way off the grid the last few days.  I barely checked my email, didn’t play on Facebook and really save watching a movie and checking my flight information out to come home I really did not turn the computer on very much.  It would be nice to say I was taking a stand but seriously I was on a much needed kinky vacation.  Over the last few days I have learned way more than I thought I would, saw way more loveliness than I ever intended from both the men and women in attendance, got to unleash my vintage chick, figured out how much waist line could be evaporated by a good piece of shape wear, was tied into a corset for dear life–which was heavenly (thanks Rayn and Havoc), got a good flogging, didn’t sleep much, had ridiculously good conversations about everything from my time stalking Prince to the roles and wants of submissive women.

I have to say thank you to green lantern for finally getting me to attend Black Beat.  It was an eye opening experience in so many ways.  The rope workshops were particularly amazing and it was both validating and encouraging that so many people that looked like me got this particular kink of mine.  If you can see Mr. Mentl and his sub Verity demo rope play please do.  It will well be worth your time.

I found out how powerful just your hands can be during a scene and am very glad no one that has alerted me that the want to see me naked attended lol.  I’m glad I got in a LOT of naked time.  Woosah that was the business just so we’re clear.

Watching others play and seeing things I would like to try, may not be bad to try and you will have to lobotomize me to try was great.  But most wonderful in that was watching Dom/mes in the room slip from hurt mode to loving and caring after care.  Being brought back down to a place where you are still kind of high but feeling protected and reconnected to reality is a special kind of amazing.

The submissive gathering helped with a struggle of mine, namely being able to walk into a potentially polyamorous relationship with a future dominant.  I really would like to prepare mentally for it so that I can work through the emotional crap but I was able to hear for others that’s not really possible.  You just have to take that step and see where it leads you.  And I saw great examples of how loving and functional those relationships can be from the Gilligan’s Island savant and his crew and as well as raynstorm, her sister and their Dom.

It was good to see a few familiar faces from the event I went to in June and others I had briefly interacted with online before.  And then it was fascinating to meet a billion new people and realize how fantastically diverse the community of people that look like me is.  They are professional and homemakers, artistic and analytical, outright funny or dryly sarcastic, and best yet they are freaky and friendly and give good hugs and a few will smack the living shit out of your ass as you walk on by.  I met fellow Whovians, lovers of Minions, and best of all the people who truly understand how twisted the relationships are between Harley and Mr. J as well as Batman and Catwoman.  I didn’t give away all of my postcards (still have two left in addition to the one I am keeping for myself) so if you are a fan of the Bat and Cat let me know what you learned from BB this weekend and the best two answers (judged solely by my hopefully not sleepy brain whenever I get around to them).  For those that are wondering what it looks like go to my last photo uploaded about the Bat and Cat.

Was everything smooth?  Of course not. Things didn’t get as up and running as I was expecting until Friday but then it was non stop until we all finally stepped out of the haze that is a largish gathering of kink.  I’m a bit of an overplanner and like things to be ticked off at least a week in advance of anything major that I’m doing.  But I also know that pull together large events can make it difficult to manage all the moving parts. 

After having two good trips out and about into the kink community outside of my normal living space I can say I’ll be venturing out to as many as I can reasonably afford.  I can’t say they will all be good but even being ten years into the journey of my submission I learned a ton this weekend that will help me shape who I am yet to become.

Talk with you soon

2 thoughts on “I should be sleeping but…”

  1. I have to say I found it to be a non-stop weekend myself. I think I have enjoyed it the most of any of the recent ones, and I place it number 3 on my list (1 being when I met my wife and 2 being year 1). IT was both low key and intense.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are very welcome Sir. It was my first experience being surrounded by kinky people who both got me and saw no need to judge me. The lack of sleep was definitely worth the exposure and experience and just seeing so many different loving dynamics including You and Your lovely wife. Thanks for stopping by.

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