Ok So I’m Feeling Better

Not only has the funk lifted so has one week of god awful girl trouble.  Thanks to modern medicine cause I without drugs at least one of you out there would have died a bloody painful epic death at my hands.  But hey pharmaceutical interventions are amazing so I’m not in jail and no one is dead.

Not only is my mood improved but the kitties have resumed their untimely death as a result of my orgasmic output.  And in a red velvet first, I actually sacrificed a great big kitten while watching myself get licked and plundered.  Mostly plundered but the licking was good too.  Actually quite good.  Off tangent.  I’ve been recorded quite a few times prior to now and I’ve recorded myself to share with others but generally speaking I don’t watch them later.  No particular reason why not it just hasn’t registered that I need to.  I was frustrated in the shower and nothing was making it better so I got out, grabbed my tablet and fired up part two of my most recent play date.  It was more than enough to get me off clearly and yeah it’s not as disturbing as I thought it would be.

I have been indulging in my vintage fetish as well.  I found an adorable pair of pumps from Chelsea Crew and need to find another pair from her cause I lust them and they would look good with a dress I bought at Heart of Haute.  However, my biggest expenditure came after trolling Fetlife the other day.  I love vintage lingerie like lust for it.  But as I am not a petite gal by any stretch finding something attractive and in my size has been more difficult.  Well turns out I had seen this piece before but again being a less than petite gal had trouble finding it and when I did it was never in stock.  Turns out I wasn’t checking every place that I could so after looking again and taking more measurement than I have ever to make sure both my ample ass and unfortunately larger than I want it to be tummy would be accommodated I placed an order.  I mostly want them so I can wear them to the kinky event I’m heading to next month but if they fit like I hope then there will be lots of photos taken for no other reason than I will be SMOKING hot lol.

And if that wasn’t enough I found out that my new vibe that has remote app access has shipped and will be hear early next week.  Now the question becomes do I give access to one of the people that make me cum or do I just keep it to myself and torment you with the potential opportunity to make me burst.

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