Greetings from the Subbieverse

So I have not completely bounced back but a little bit of work helped out a great deal more than I thought.  And I got the check engine light on my car turned off again even though at some point I need to take it back to the flipping dealer so they can tell me what the issue is this time.  Well I know what it is, I need them to fix it and keep it fixed longer than a month.

I know I’m not feeling all the way on again because I haven’t tried to get off in the shower.  That will sound silly but yeah as I’m washing up at last one finger goes after my clit.  I never rub long just enough to get a good ohh out and make my ass pop out a bit.  Boys you should know that movement and if you don’t then you haven’t been rubbing her spot well.  In my case too, toying with my clit while it’s still safely tucked away is nice but really make it pop out and enjoy yourself.  When my clit is very very happy it looks like a pink version of my nipples which hey seem to be popular.  Even as I just rambled all of that out right now I’m not aroused, not even smiling that much–ok at all, which means I’m not quite centered. 

I was going to attribute part of this to another round of subdrop but that’s not it either.  I hate feeling out of control or out of sorts.  Another ill timed conversation made me feel both and there was no one here or available to get me to refocus on something quickly.  I give HPP credit he did make me giggle and stop crying but that combined with other stuff this week just threw me off.

I’m sure I’ll get out of my funk soon enough.  It would be great to be flogged into that happy place that makes all of this other stuff kind of disappear by default but not available just yet.  That’s on the agenda though.  If I’m not better by then I’ll probably return home injured.

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