Just a Quickie: New Presents for Me

I got my vintage color block heels today and opted to grab another vintage pair in red cause who doesn’t need red heels?  And an even better present arrived today.

This is the ohmibod blue motion.  It’s a nicely curved vibrator that can be controlled by an app on your phone.  It’s wireless, the light you see right now is because it’s charging, and comes with a wearable thong to keep it in place.  Run time when fully charged is about an hour but that’s only if you can take it on that long.  I had it cranked up a bit because I was watching a gang bang video and I wanted to kill a kitten quickly.  I left more of the raised nubbin on my clit and enjoyed myself.  I tried a few of the settings and about 2 minutes into the intense setting I exploded once and then about 20 seconds later went off again.  It was fantastic.  I got this as part of the indiegogo campaign ohmibod was running but they are on the website now.  The tech support is fantastic as well.  LOVE it.  Now I need to decide if I’m going to let anyone use the remote control access.  Hmm what do you think?

Oh and y’all have left our heroine passed out in the bed for at least a week now.

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