red is a hypocrite lol

So as I am chatting with green lantern tonight I realized I’m a wee bit of a hypocrite.  I totally have no issue with cheating unless it’s on me or on someone I’m close to.  Most of my favorite movies/tv shows involve some level of adultery or taboo relationships but it’s usually a craptastic primary relationship that is driving the adulterous yearnings.  I’m totally okay with the extramarital relationship as long as there is an epic love story waiting on the other side of it.  I have been massively enjoying Betrayal with Stuart Townsend who plays a man trying to turn his life around after he meets a woman that spins his world apart.  The fact that I’d hop his bones notwithstanding I love the storyline and what each character is being forced to face.  I was one of the only women on the planet, I’m sure I mentioned this before, that didn’t see the issue with Brad and Angelina.  It was clear that something sparked between the two of them (just as clear as it was that whatever was going on with him and Jen was fizzling) and that was cemented by kiddie adoptions, pregnancies and support for each other on and off screen.  I love the two of them and would sleep with both of them but would totally be all over him first lol.  I tend to hate when married men hit on me but if you are married and I’m attracted to you I flirt, get wet, masturbate and go to sleep lol.  This could be why I’m not desperate to get married.  I don’t need to be the Mrs. I need to be the one that makes you feel like it’s worth throwing a bomb into your life just to be able to wake up with me the next morning.  In my opinion I totally make it worth the explosion but truthfully I would only have a few folks to ask and one of them is a prick and another is MIA.  That leaves one good review and he MIGHT be cranky because of decisions he made that made sure he’s not sleeping here now or actually that he’s not destroying my new hairdo right now.   Anyhoo just needed to share that revelation I had about myself.

Be good or be really good at being bad

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