When it Rains It Floods

At least at my place it does.  I will blame green lantern for the latest downpour.  She didn’t do anything directly but in her ever increasing efforts to get me naked and under some nice strong man who drills me into the mattress repeatedly until I collapse in a sweaty heap sated and falling asleep with a nice hard dick in my mouth (say that whole thing four times fast) she inspired me to reach out to the cause of the last storm.  I was bored and semi horny after the other night so I obliged my own curiosity and before I knew it I could feel the pressure building up in my lower lips.  If I am totally honest the tingly sensation started in the office when I started thinking back on the last night of ohmibod fun.  We were chatting it up and right as the need to cum and go to sleep hit me again his phone died.  Which was unfortunate because apparently I sound fan fucking tastic when I cum lol.  I grabbed my MP3 powered goodie and took off the last bit of clothing I had been wearing before climbing back into bed. I tried to wait a few minutes but yeah he wasn’t calling fast enough and I didn’t want to come alone.  I sent GN a text and he was happy to listen in as I euthanized a whole shelter of kittens.

Normally one maybe two orgasms and I’m good for the night.  The thought of combining that tongue with GN’s dommy goodness sent me over the edge.  I went all subbie aggressive, which really just constitutes talking enough crap with which to elicit the necessary dom edge from whomever is drilling me, and had a blast.  The wetness just kept increasing and dripping and puddling with each orgasm.  I say each because I stopped counting once the inside of my thighs started to get sticky from all the extra fluid that was there.  At one point in the call a text from tongue came in and that just made it all worse.  I started daydreaming about being on a leash in the middle of a room and pulled from one shiny slick dick to the other one.  GN in one corner and tongue in the other.  And whomever wasn’t getting serviced was wearing me out in which ever way they saw fit at the moment.  Spanking, fisting, fucking, tickling my clit until I damn near went limp.  Oh yeah for vivid imagination.  I didn’t answer but it was mostly because I couldn’t be coherent at that point if I wanted to.  I kept letting the image play in my head while I panted and twisted my nipples and coaxed an orgasm or two from GN.  I think I came for the last time after he reminded me what it felt like to be bent over, splayed open and getting drilled from above–slowly at first to let him fill me up and then like a jackhammer until my knees almost buckle and I slather him in juices.  The only thing better than that is being pulled up and having to adjust my breathing almost immediately as cum coated shaft is shoved down my throat.  About an hour after I started cumming I finally stopped cumming enough to curl up and go to sleep.

Oh it was such a good night of sleep after that.  Later it did make me think of something.  How many doms would be willing to share a sub?  Maybe I need more than one, I mean my sex drive is kinda ridiculous but beyond that all the men that I know that could potentially dom me all have lots of family commitments so being tied up and fucked on the regular may not be possible.  Eh, whatever that will sort itself out.  In the mean time I have two requests for a live kitten killing session.  What do you think?

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  1. This was super hot and i imagine that green lantern still has your best interests in mind. So, glad you were able to have some orgasmic fun, sis.


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