drip drop drip drop

There has been unexpected moisture between my thighs lately.  That is not how ex-boyfriend season usually starts.  It usually begins with men I haven’t thought about let alone wondered about in years finding some random way to connect to me.  And after that connection is made they normally go from hey how you doing to hey wanna get naked in about 3.5 minutes.  Which usually is a decided turn off.  I mean there’s a reason we don’t talk anymore and there’s definitely a reason I haven’t tried to ring that bell again.  Usually the contact results in me remembering why we split up and being comforted that while I have matured into the fantastically subby girl I am they are a wee bit stunted and thus of no use to subby me. 

That is until this season started.  Let me be clear I still got an asinine contact from one who is contemplating moving here–for allegedly reasons other than me which is good because all I remember about having sex with him is I unfortunately left my nail polish out of reach and had nothing to do while he was “putting in work” because there was nothing of merit to note about the penetration.  Excessive stamina and lack of girth is never a good combination just so we’re all on the same page.  However, shortly after the at least let me see you conversation came up I got a late night message from another blast from the past.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned him before.  He was always my test ex.  And by that I mean if I was in a relationship with anyone and I could still make myself cum or want to cum thinking about him then I wasn’t as committed as I wanted to be.  I cannot tell you what he did precisely but there was always a time lapse effect when we had sex.  I don’t mean that movie slow motion crap either.  I mean it felt like time stopped whenever we got intertwined and sometimes we were panting in a heap a few minutes later and other times literal hours had gone by and we were lost inhaling each other.  He was my oral champion.  His tongue could do things that deserve a medal.  If I ever thought he was capable of being faithful I would have stuck it out for the long haul because he was/is smart and funny and can talk about nearly anything and make anything dirty at a moment’s notice.  Who doesn’t love that?  Well apparently the lack of partner and partner penetration got the better of my psyche and kitty.

I woke up the morning after seeing his message moist and tingly.  Went to work shook it off and then talked to him a bit later that night.  Same old same old and it’s nice to be objectified in the right way lol.  I don’t think he could be a dom ever but such a shame.  The things I would do for that tongue.  Please don’t blame me for all the poor kittens that may die over the next few weeks either.  Ex-boyfriend season is never really long and it’s usually not this wet.  At best I might see one and carefully create a reason to avoid seeing any parts of them naked.  But last night my ohmibod sounded like it was splashing in a puddle.  I haven’t been sopping wet in so long it was both intriguing and frustrating.  Did I mention that tongue?

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