how are you on this lazy sunday afternoon?

i’m doing okay for the most part. Been busy doing all the little game stuff i do on the weekends and watching pretty good tennis thanks to the tournament at Indian Wells. Not sure how long this one will be because i really don’t have much to update you on. i’ve adjusted the way i take my medication for my IBS again. That seems to be helping me get to work and staying there without having as many issues during the day. Still have the pain and cramping from time to time but the meds they gave me for that just make me sleepy so that’s not gonna work when i have a full day of clients.

i’m planning a trip down to see my nieces and i’m feeling a bit better about actually being able to make the drive now with the med switch. They are adorable and allow me to stave off my own biological clock by spoiling them and dealing with tantrums by proxy. i still think i want my own eventually but i’m getting older and really don’t want to have them at all if i don’t have them in the next five years. Nursing and happy 40th don’t sound appealing to me–go figure.

Daddy’s still gone and probably won’t be home before that first full week of April but what can ya do given the circumstances i guess. Life soldiers on as do i. my food is ready and i think i’m gonna much and maybe take a nap before i go back to tackling my freshly shampooed hair. Have a great day.

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