it’s a hard knock life for us

Eh not really this week. Busy as normal, didn’t get as much done at work as i would have like–that’s normal. Got mostly everything set up to start another week and i’m worried about a client but again all of that is very very normal. i’m hoping that the random ear pain i’m having is not an ear infection because i’m going to throw a mighty tantrum if it is. i’m waiting now to see if the weather is going to improve soon because if not i can’t do any of the stuff i need to with the yard. i am going to plant stuff lol. i got my shovel and tiller and plants that i want out but the weather looks like it’s about to storm again and really not trying to get wet while i’m being crafty. i’m hungry though so i’m probably going to wrap this up soon and go forage out front. Need to do some washing too so i’ll work on that as well.

Other updates before i wrap this up. Daddy will be home for a few days next week before He leaves again to drive things from storage here to the place His kids are relocating to in Illinois. Not sure if that will be weird or not since He’s been gone a month and you get used to sleeping alone and doing things well alone. i hope not cause that would suck. We’ll see how that goes. i finally got over my fear of rejection–i guess that is what it is but i’m not sure truthfully–and contacted the editor of the one of the old short stories i got published. She agreed to look at what i’ve collected for The Alphabet game and let me know if it’s publishable i guess. If it goes anywhere, i’ll let you know. If not, i’ll start looking at plan B-Z since i know quite a few of you would like it in a book format and want the four missing letters as well. Okay i think that’s it for now. Gonna have to finish debating if i’m keeping all these cable channels when not a freaking thing worth watching is on half the time.

see ya,

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