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i know i disappeared again and literally i have no good excuse. If you are every really wondering what’s going on and i have vanished please send me a message via email. Just use the main website tag (redvelvetropeburn) and add an @gmail to it and voila access to red. Now i can’t say this post will be terribly long mainly because my thoughts are jumbled up still and i figured i would share some of the randomness and try to get back either this weekend or next week early. i’ll try to leave you a recipe as well so you can eat what i had for dinner tonight if you so desire. Can’t take total credit for it as i got the idea from an IBS cookbook but just did what I thought would work best for me. So in no particular order here are the random moments dancing around my brain.

Why is some of the best stuff on tv NOW the stuff that came on tv years ago? Thank heavens for Nick at Nite, Boomerang, BBC America, Cartoon Network, TV Land and the like or i would likely pull my hair out.

Why is it places that are used to getting snow so unwilling to start preparing for it to come more often? We got a crap ton of snow last month and they were ill prepared for each storm and just wrong about predicting what was coming.

Why is it that gourmet cupcakes cost more per serving than the whole box would if i were to make it myself at home? Really who wants to shell out 3 bucks for a white chocolate cupcakes.

Why is it painful to watch other people slam into walls on shows like the World’s Dumbest or 1000 Ways to Die? i mean you are aware that’s the show’s premise but it still hurts.

Why are snow days less fun when you grow up?

Did anyone else notice during the Aretha Franklin tribute they actually found the BEST singers for the pieces not just the people that could have looked like her? i appreciate that i didn’t have to cringe through the performance so yeah Grammy’s you get a win for that one.

Am i the only one that doesn’t care at all about Prince William getting married? He’s not marrying me, doesn’t live here and it sorta was inevitable so why all the hoopla?

Does the US version of Being Human suck to anyone else? Should have left it to BBC America.

Okay that’s it for now.

I made Seasoned Panko Pork Chops tonight.

I used about 2 cups of panko breading (find it at the grocery store in the Asian foods section)
7 thin cut pork chops
Cup of Flour
2 eggs
Seasoned Salt
Parsley Flakes
Garlic Salt all to taste, I tend to spice heavy because the Panko has no real flavor of its own
Parchment paper on a cookie sheet or in a baking pan

After washing and cleaning the pork chops I coated them lightly in flour. I dipped them in the eggs that had been beaten in a separate bowl and then coated them with the Panko bread crumbs. Place each on the parchment paper and cook at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes unless you want them more well done and then for approximately 40 minutes. You can flip midway during cooking to brown the bread crumbs on the bottom more but totally up to you. Serve with side of your choice. Serves 3-4 people easily but could make 2 people happy for a few days.

See everyone later

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