ok bad red

lawd i didn’t realize i hadn’t posted in forever. life has been well it’s been interesting since my last post. christmas was good and all, new years was anti-climatic but a few weeks after that things changed significantly in a good way. i did get my completely adorable aprons and Daddy loves them. yes He’s seen them because He came back after my trip to New Orleans. we met at the airport that night and He’s been all hugged up with me and hurting me and doing things to me lol since He got back. He’s also been making nice with momma which hey can’t fault that. He cooks a lot and picks me up from work from time to time which is ever so nice.

He is a stickler on the dress up things though so He hasn’t seen all of the aprons, i ordered some more lol, cause i don’t always feel like finding the shoes and the right hair and the right whatever else together in time. He will be driving with me to take mommy to the airport again, it’s a long drive the companionship is soooooooooooo necessary, as she departs on a lengthy visit to see her grand baby. nearly a month of alone time–oh my goodness. i’ll try to be better this time about not disappearing on y’all. just wanted you to know i was still alive.

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