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okay so i haven’t updated in a while my bad. not a lot has been happening except me enjoying my vacation which has rocked except the whole no one to hug me really tight before bed. and even that has been mostly okay. so santa really needs me to start giving him better information. i got what i wanted for my birthday but really i didn’t know what i wanted for christmas so i got random things lol. it’s all good. they are cute random things but still very random. i’ve been watching lots of movies thanks to blockbuster and columbia house. wanted was actually better than i expected. the dark knight was better for me than batman begins and yes heath ledger kinda was crazy nuts but i will say i think it’s been a little overhyped. not majorly so but still overhyped.

the holidays have been tinged with some disappointment. two incredibly sexy, strong and intelligent women who never probably understood the manner in which they changed women and men died this month. Bettie Page died on December 11th and Earth Kitt died on December 25th. i can’t say either one was a personal role model because really i’m just starting to rexplore my sexuality and its influences as well as the manifestations and trappings to who i am now. but both were unabashedly comfortable in their own skin, at least for a while–bettie page did later say she found the Lord and didn’t do another bit of modeling again. no one will forget bound bettie or eartha’s distinctive purr. they inspire me and my subbie girl mindset of how i want to be. Daddy thinks it’s because i was born in the wrong decade and that i would rock as a 1950’s housewife. lol maybe but right now i do like the innocently overtly sexual conundrum that pinups and women from that time period present.

to that end i have joined a lot of different groups on fetlife that spark conversations and thoughts that i then end up talking with green lantern and Daddy about. good things all around. it’s also made me expand my wardrobe a bit not so much with costumes but retro inspired items. Cupcake Provocateur has the cutest aprons and cupcakes lol as does Carolyn West and Jessie Steele. i bought a few from Cupcake Provocateur and she is super helpful and quick to respond so if you see something that channels your inner Donna Reed/June Cleaver but you want it in different fabric or some other alteration done just let her know.

hmmm not sure if there is anything else to tell you. if i think of something i’ll be back. y’all have a good new years.

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  1. Can you post your opinions and experiences on fetlife?
    I’m curious about your impressions about that website.

  2. i really haven’t been on fetlife that long to have major impressions or experiences. it’s kinda like facebook, there are groups to join to have discussions and it seems rather secure. i’d have to say check it out yourself.

  3. green lantern here and i guess i need to spend more time on the web viewing my feeds versus being on fetlife. LOL Neat blog – i can’t purr ordinarily but there are times when i can and those times are oh so loverly; yes loverly indeed.

    we’ll talk.

    Hugs and tugs.

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