what’s up world?

nothing much going on here. i have a little bit more free time coming up now that a major work obligation has been resolved and mom is out of town for the next month. just me and Daddy to ourselves and whatever trouble we can get ourselves into. i have to say that it has been a huge growth lesson for me having Him here everyday. not that it’s been bad but i realize how much of my life i didn’t really have to share with anyone because they couldn’t reach out and touch me and test what i was saying or doing. not that i would lie but you know it’s harder to hide bad moods or insecurity when someone can look you in your eyes and call you on it.

granted that has been a good thing lol. it’s made me be more open with Him in a lot of ways. i don’t sit on my emotions and get all worked up anymore. i say what i need to, He says whatever He needs to and then poof He’s kissing me or tickling me or doing something else to make me smile. could life be better? of course but that would have required grabbing a lottery ticket on that long trek we made to the airport and back and well i just didn’t feel like wasting cashing on such a long shot.

some little bratty kids messed with out outside faucet tonight so i’ll be looking for a lock for it now. i saw them online but i don’t feel like waiting for shipping. i think i still have some munchies thing happening. gonna go forage for food. i’ll touch base soon.

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