the post that never ends

it won’t be this post of course. the cast list has updated again for clarification to my readers. i did sort of transition relationships without a long flowery post which was my nature once upon a time. while i am happy with my new relationship, i wasn’t exactly thrilled to be ending the old one. i love RS and care about Him but it was time for me to move on. things were getting harder with the more limited contact and since our last contact in February nothing has happened between us at all. i can’t blame Him for that because the situation limits His ability to do what He wants and i know given His preference He would have been home with me and Littlest Soldier but neither of us got what we wanted in that situation. He’s still in my prayers because LS needs her father and i want Him to be okay as well.

Good Nyhte is and has been a great support to me since i’ve known Him as i have mentioned previously. there was no ulterior motive in that and i have often referred to Him as my stupid younger brother in the past. we aren’t related before anyone gets weird lol. just that is how i was looking at Him for a very long time. however, being with Him as much as i was the last few weeks was wonderful and made me very very happy. it also gave me a chance to live D/s for a while and it is entirely different from the random visits i had with Emperor back in the day. the protocols and things are the same of course but a) every Dom has their own way of implementing them and b) you do have to handle your day to day life before aspects of the D/s relationship can come into play. there was still work to do, bills to pay, dinners to make, clothes to wash, and beds to make before we could fully immerse ourselves in things. didn’t mean there wasn’t the occasional hair tug or smack on the butt lol but we had stuff to do. He’s gone right now. relocated for a job but neither of us expect to not be together again soon. that might mean i’m back in the midwest but woo damn it’s cold there. He keeps promising to keep me warm though so we’ll see lol.

i have some stuff to do today so i’m gonna wrap this up now. you can check the updates in the now introducing post if you need to but hopefully this makes things a little clearer now.

see ya

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  1. Thank you for this post. I was a little confused and this post clears up most of my questions. I’m glad that you have found someone new. I enjoy some of your comments because it is rare to come across genuine people like us who enjoy this life style.

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